Dairy cows in stanchions eating grainPresented in collaboration with Miner Institute, this course will cover basic principles of dairy cattle nutrition and their application within dairy herd management.  

This course is designed primarily for early career nutritionists and allied industry professionals seeking a more comprehensive foundation in the principles of dairy cattle nutrition.

Este entrenamiento autoguiado en español para trabajadores lecheros esta designado para desarrollar en la fuerza laboral las habilidades necesarias en una lechería moderna. Los módulos están centrados en áreas comunes de responsabilidad de los trabajadores lecheros.

Temas incluidos:

Manejo de Vacas

La nutrición de Vacas Lecheras

La Salud del Rebano

La Calidad de Leche y El Sistema del Ordeno

Reproducción y Cría

This course is reserved for QMPS Internship Students

This course will begin with agronomic factors that influence forage quality and follow key strategies for harvest, preservation and feedout of quality feed. It will be valuable for decision makers and key employees in the cropping and feeding system on the farm.  There will be a mix of basic “101” level material combined with more advanced concepts and recent research findings.

Topics Covered

  • Fermentation and Silage Science
  • Forage Variety Selection & Quality Considerations
  • Forage Harvest Management
  • Silage Storage & Management
  • TMR Mixing Procedure & Maintenance
  • Feed out and Feed Bunk Management