Using proxy servers is a common thing these days. Most often, proxy servers are used to hide or change your IP address when accessing sites. There may be many reasons to do this, let's consider the most common ones. Before moving on, you need to understand what a proxy is. This is written in detail on the website of the service

Checking access to the Internet site from different locations. Using a proxy, you can connect to your Internet site to check its availability from different countries of the world (Internet providers, networks) in order to identify network problems.

Bypass blocking. Using a proxy, you can access an Internet site that cannot be directly accessed due to network problems or blocking, for example, if the user's IP address, or even all the IP addresses of his country of residence, are blocked on a remote resource, or access to the site is prohibited Internet Service Provider. For example, access to various Internet services popular in Russia, such as Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and others, is blocked in China. But, users of China can access them using proxy servers located outside of China, for example, proxies from Russia, which can be obtained at

Anonymization. Anonymous, elite and distorting (Distorting) proxies are used for anonymous web surfing, communication on Internet forums, by email and instant messengers, without disclosing the IP of their client.

Access to a resource that has a limit on the number of requests per unit of time. Many file sharing services have a limit on the number of downloads from one IP address per unit of time. Given that many users have dynamic IPs, it may happen that someone who previously occupied the IP address given to you has reached the download limit on the service. In such a situation, using a proxy server will help. In the same way, proxies will help solve the problem of using services that have a limit on the number of requests per unit of time (Rate-limit).

The advantage of a proxy over a VPN for solving the above tasks is that you can get them absolutely free, for example, presents free proxies from any country and working on any of the protocols.

In addition, the service will also tell you how to use the received proxies, for example, how to set up a proxy in the Firefox browser (detailed instructions ).

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