Hands-on Activities for Soil Amendments and Fertilizer

Here are activities to try out.

You will find all the materials you need to do each of these activities below:

Reading and Understanding a Soil Test 

Reading and Understanding Fertilizer Labels

  • Activity handout (instructions)
  • A fertilizer label photo: Look online or go to your local garden center and look at fertilizers for lawns, gardens and landscapes. Take a photo or write down at least one label, bring that with you to class. Or, if you are exploring online, you can print the label to bring to class or load the label on your device during class. If you are using the Module 5 discussion forum, share your photo there as well. 

Cover Crop Scavenger Hunt

  • Activity handout (instructions)
  • 5 cover crops to research and answer questions listed on the Activity handout:
    • Annual Ryegrass
    • Field Peas
    • Oats
    • Arugula
    • Fall Mustard
    • Note: In an in-person session, small groups would do this activity and use index cards for each of the cover crops. Feel free to add additional cover crops to this list, from the database (http://covercrops.cals.cornell.edu/

Soil Contaminant Discussion 

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