Hands-on Activities for Pests in the Home and Garden

Visit the “What’s Bugging You” website at https://nysipm.cornell.edu/whats-bugging- you/ and browse the sections on ticks, deer and other common pests found in the home and garden.

Explore the Don’t Get Ticked NY websitehttps://nysipm.cornell.edu/whats-bugging-you/ticks/

Practice using the Pest Identification Key for Household Pests in the Northeastern US at https://nysipm.cornell.edu/whats-bugging-you/pest-identification-center/.

Cornell and Penn State Publications: What are the top three nuisance wildlife you encounter in your garden? Take time to read about each in the Cornell University and Penn State publications found at: http://wildlifecontrol.info/publications/cornell-publications/ and http://wildlifecontrol.info/publications/penn-state-publications/

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