Action Project Overview

What is an action project?

An action project provides an opportunity for you to practice sharing garden educational information with your peers to enhance your learning, skills, and confidence. Your project should be a manageable, effective, and rewarding experience that builds on your strengths and interest as well as the learning activities and materials from the volunteer preparation sessions. You may work on an action project individually, with a partner, or in a small group.

What are examples of action projects?

You will develop a tangible product of your choice. Look to your program coordinator for guidance as you identify a gardening related topic that is important to you, you wish to learn more about, and connects with the local program goals. Depending on program needs as well as your skills and interests, you may wish to update or create a:

  • Short video
  • Presentation
  • Infographic
  • Display
  • Hands-on activity
  • Article or blog
  • Fact sheet
  • Project plan for group or school garden-based learning project
  • Another educational product

See the sample Action Projects done by Master Gardener Volunteers in this Module.

Action Project Overview

Use the steps detailed in this worksheet to guide the development of your action project. Follow the guidelines for due dates of each benchmark/assignments in your timeline. As you progress through the steps and the volunteer preparation sessions you may find you wish to adjust what you initially set out to do. An iterative process is encouraged and be sure to communicate to your coordinator any significant changes.

Timeline Action Project 



Due Date*



Propose Project and Identify Your Team




Assess Needs




Design Objectives




Develop Delivery Strategies 




Implement Design 




Program Evaluation/Feedback




Dry Run and Discussion




Project Showcase 








Follow-Up/Next Steps




*Discussion Forums for Action Projects

You will see the Action Project Module broken down into three weekly Assignments with their own due dates. This is in addition to what you are working on in the core modules. Note that each of these weekly assignments has its own corresponding Discussion Forum.

Each week be prepared to informally share and discuss with peers in these Discussion Forums: what you produced for the activity/assignment that week. It is an opportunity to gather feedback as well as discuss questions and challenges.

In the Project Showcase forum, the sharing and feedback will be more formal.

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