Garden Planning Activity

Learning Objective: 

Create a multi-year plan for a vegetable and herb garden including site selection and preparation, variety selection, season extension, container gardening and intensive gardening methods. This is an activity for you to do and keep in your Garden Journal or other form of gardening record keeping. This does not need to be handed in as an assignment, but will be used as a reference for the Discussion Forum for this section.



Develop a garden planting plan and map for an entire season. The design can be for your own garden, a neighbor’s, or an imaginary one. It can be any size as long as it meets the below criteria:

  • Include at least eight different vegetables and herbs
  • Include approximate dates for when they will be planted and harvested 
  • Include at least one intensive gardening method (crop rotation, succession planting, season extension). 

When you finish your initial draft, discuss your design ideas and plans in our Garden Planning Discussion Forum. Discuss: Do you have lingering questions or challenges? Any barriers to getting started or achieving the success you desire? 

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