Examples of County Action Projects from CCE Suffolk County Class of 2019

Here are examples from the CCE Suffolk MGV Class 2019, who used the Action Project Worksheet and steps to plan their project. For those worksheets shared here, you may see the format is a bit different than yours in this course, because it was modified for use with that group. You can also adapt the worksheet to fit your county's training needs.

Keep in mind that these examples show a range of end products. Some trainees chose to do extensive projects, while others were more conservative. In this particular class of MG trainees, because it was a hybrid course we had a very diverse class, some set the bar very high for themselves (we had all walks of life: retirees, young mothers, corporate executives, doctors, lawyers, teachers, professors, even a couple of school district superintendents).

The only expectation we set was to do a project they were passionate about, one they can learn from and/or have the experience to share with others. 

  • Veronica Kaliski's Mason Bees Presentation was an inspiration in the Gardening in Our Warming World: Youth Grow project coming soon.

Overall outcome: when following the GBL Learning Library worksheet guidelines, the Action Projects by our MGVs yielded amazing results! 

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