Presentation: Portfolio & Site Assessment (video, 27 minutes)

The Big Picture...

While site assessment is covered within one week’s assignments, a thorough assessment of all categories plus schematics designs with fully researched goals, budgets, schedules, and detail and patch designs make up a full permaculture design process. 

This practicum is not a full design process but rather a rather fast run through of the components of the process that will yield presumably good design. 

Most permaculture practitioners begin the process and keep going year after year. Don’t be discouraged when designing your own site if you can’t complete all components at once.

Here are some basic guidelines
of what you need to produce
to complete the full practicum:

A. Complete a portfolio of your site design with:

A clear statement of your site design goals. I encourage you to limit yourself to three goals with each tied to one of the three permaculture ethics. Each goal should have at least a few criteria to help you evaluate your work in the future. 

  1. A collection of maps and other forms of assessment for at least 5-7 of the Scale of Permanence categories listed in the Practicum Workbook. If you have taken both of the prerequisites I would like you to do an assessment for at least seven. In the fundamentals and the mimicry class you examined briefly many of these categories. I recommend reviewing your previous work and deciding what other categories will be most useful for your site and expedient for the purpose of this practicum.

  2. A schematic map of your whole design idea.

  3. A patch or detail design, budget or schedule. Demonstrate additional planning details for a specific element of your system.

  4. Your outcome for this practicum course is reflected in the outline of the Practicum Workbook. Use it as your guide for potential content in your portfolio.

 B. Participate in forum discussions with 

  1. helpful comments
  2. sharing drafts of your work-in-progress 
  3. sharing finals copies of your work
  4. sharing ideas, resources, and tools for each part of the process.

C. Ask for help if you need it.

Check the office hours listing for one-on-one feedback. Your instructor will be working from home much of the next few weeks. I may be available at other times. Send an email to <> to inquire.

Presentation: Site Assessment


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