Presentation: Bill Mollison (YouTube Video Surfing)

Your task is to search the internet and watch a few video presentation by (or about) Bill Mollison to become familiar with his work.

Mollison coined the term "permaculture," was its first teacher and published the first books (with David Holmgren). He traveled the world promoting permaculture design mostly in Asia and Africa but his classes in every continent spawned a movement.

Global Gardener is a series of four half-hour programs released for television in 1996. In each episode Mollison looks at examples in different bioregions to offer evidence that even in the most difficult conditions permaculture empowers people to turn wastelands into food forests. This video is increasingly hard to find even on YouTube. Watch it if you can find it.

Otherwise there are many videos (besides his books) that show him teaching and what others have done with permaculture design. A search on Youtube for "Bill Mollison Global Gardener" turns up a mountain of video clips including those from the Global Gardener series.


Last modified: Friday, October 23, 2020, 9:56 AM