This 6 week online course (7, including the introductory week) provides an opportunity for you to build your knowledge about permaculture and ecological design. Permaculture gardens, farms, backyards, and other systems balance the provision of human needs with improvement of local ecosystem health. Participants will explore the content through videos, readings, and activities and complete portions of design for a site of their choosing. 

Introduction Week

The first days are an opportunity to become familiar with the Moodle interface and tools as well as your classmates and instructors.

We look forward to working with you. Please don’t hesitate to contact Michael Burns <mb756@cornell.edu> with any questions.


Core Curriculum

Each week there will be lessons and corresponding assignments which will be submitted via the Moodle interface or through email to the course instructor Michael Burns <mb756@cornell.edu>.

We anticipate you will need to dedicate 10 to 15 hours per week to the lessons and assignments in this course. Each activity builds upon the next. Keeping up with the exercises and writing each week will ensure your successful completion without creating an onerous backlog of work while maximizing the learning potential.

However, it is understood that not every working person's life is easily scheduled across one week. If you know you will not make a deadline, please send a quick note to Michael Burns to check in and give an estimate of when you will finish. The course ends March 5th.

Each week, please take the time to read through each set of activities and instructions before beginning your studies. This week, take the time to learn Moodle's features to enjoy the rest of the course more.

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