Participant Forum: Strategies for Success


Personal Strategies for Success

This week's forum is an opportunity to offer and seek fresh perspectives on realistic and manageable goals.  

Most permaculture practitioners design and build just their own properties while maintaining full-time jobs, caring for family and other obligations. No doubt the same is true among many of you as participants in this class. Some of us are using their permaculture skills and principles in daily work. Aswer some of these questions from your own situation.

  • How do we make designs that can be actually implemented in a realistic timescale?  
  • How do we deal with so much information about a design site?
  • Do you have strategies that help you keep up the feelings of success?
  • Do you have other barriers that prevent you from moving forward?
  • Is there a pattern to your successes and failures that you can adapt to?
  • Do you have a work or learning style that impacts how you would carry out your plans?
  • Are there any tools, software, authors, resources, ideas that you would rcommend to others to improve productivity, reduce stress, stay organized or carry out their dreams? 

When making your first post to this weekly forum start a new discussion topic.

You are also encouraged to respond to discussions started by classmates. Discussions are a weekly routine for the course and provide an opportunity to engage with others who are also learning the material. Please take your time crafting your posts, checking for grammar or spelling errors and making sure the points you are trying to make are clear. Active and thoughtful contribution to forums is considered "participation" in the course, and if you do not post it is considered as a course absence.

Peggy Berk
Strategies for Success
de Peggy Berk - martes, 13 de abril de 2021, 21:19

A very long time ago a friend shared a parable with me.  It was back in the 60's, so naturally the main character was a guru.  But of course it might be a priest, a rabbi, your wise grandparent or, perhaps even more likely, your therapist.  And it goes something like this:

A man is searching...

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Imagen de Abigail Shields
Small scale focus
de Abigail Shields - domingo, 4 de abril de 2021, 21:08

Pardon me as I play catch up on assignments and forums! I have had some family medical emergencies the past couple of weeks and am finally in a space that I can focus some of my attention back to the course. 

I have found that I tend to naturally think big picture goals, I see the beautiful end ...

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A man and his duck
Stay flexible
de Michael Pergamit - martes, 30 de marzo de 2021, 00:38

It's easy to get attached to your original "dream" plan; however, something always comes up and new opportunities arise that change your focus and perspective.  If there's one thing I've learned, it's that the entire design process is fluid.  My design is a living concept, changing directions and...

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Imagen de Debbie Sexsmith
campfire connection
de Debbie Sexsmith - sábado, 27 de marzo de 2021, 18:23

Hello everyone, I have to say that your reminders about taking things one step at a time and keeping things simple have really helped to keep me from feeling overwhelmed lately. 

A while back, I interviewed our garden volunteers, while we seeded onions and other early crops.  We took some time to ...

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Imagen de Melinda Kelley
The importance of inclusion
de Melinda Kelley - jueves, 25 de marzo de 2021, 13:45

The assignment to interview my site "clients" has been a good reminder that I need to take the time to be inclusive when developing my plans. (I have received this feedback at work too...I often move very quickly to problem-solve, and haven't always taken the time that I should to step back, ...

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Imagen de Christopher Schmitt
Remembering to keep it simple
de Christopher Schmitt - lunes, 22 de marzo de 2021, 11:44

Last week I got laid off from my job. I have two weeks left of pay and two weeks to figure out how to make money for my family. The ethic of Fair Share certainly is struggling to find its place in corporate America…even in the environmental industry, in which I have worked for the past 30 years! ...

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Imagen de Deb Winther
Strategies for Success - Cape Cod Forest Garden
de Deb Winther - viernes, 26 de marzo de 2021, 14:44

Hi everyone,

Completing the questionnaire and documenting the goals and criteria for my site helped to firm up all the tasks that were swirling around in my mind. These assignments were a good exercise that made me take a step back and carefully consider my objectives and how I would implement ...

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Imagen de Brittany Piccuirro
Keep it Simple
de Brittany Piccuirro - viernes, 19 de marzo de 2021, 22:53
With regards to permaculture (and many other things in life!) I find that I get really excited about possibilities.  I've gathered so much exciting information from this course, and of course I want mushrooms and ducks and all of it!  While this enthusiasm is great,  I've always found it to be in...Ver el resto del tema
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Imagen de Cole Theis
Strategies for Success
de Cole Theis - viernes, 19 de marzo de 2021, 16:44

Within my short time of following the idea/principles of permaculture I have come to realize that things just take time. During this design process at first I became frustrated with how many times I changed my design. After a lot of research on other well respected designers I soon began to ...

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