Forum: Animals in Your Landscape

Please share your reactions to this week's reading and videos about integrating animals in the landscape.

What animals are you currently raising on your site? Has this week's work given you new ideas or perspectives?  

If you do not raise animals, are you considering it? What would be your ideal livestock for your site? Read the optional assignment "Activity 6.2: Animal Integration - Research." If you complete the activity, please share it with us. If you choose not to, you can still share your ideas about animals in the landscape with the class.

If you have no plans for animals, how will you provide the "services" animals provide in their absence. Keep in mind, you can not easily segregate or remove animals from your land as wildlife play a role as well.

Some have proposed ending all animal agriculture. Is this wise or possible? Considering the massive population of very small, wild animals living in agricultural fields can any agricultural product be 100% vegan? There are permaculture practitioners who use "vegan" methods to grow food. This is a difficult subject to discuss for some. Please address the questions rather than the motives or intelligence of people on any facets of the issue.  


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