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Introduction Week: Oct. 19 - 22 Participant Forum: Please Introduce Yourself!

Your student forum this week: Please Introduce Yourself.

This week’s forum provides an opportunity to introduce yourself to the instructor and to other students in the class. Please introduce yourself by clicking on the add new discussion topic button below. Share where you're from or currently ...

Week 1: Oct. 23 - 29 Participant Forum: Permaculture?

In “What makes a site Permaculture", the author summarizes some qualities he believes demonstrates a site or design as "permaculture." Please consider reading "Permaculture for AgroEcology: a review" in the optional section.

Start a new discussion topic when making your first post to the ...

Week 3: Nov. 6 - 12 Participant Forum: Patterns Scavenger Hunt

From Activity 3.2: Pattern Scavenger Hunt

Discuss with your classmates both experiences.

  • Explain why you chose your topic/subjects/place.
  • Share your "pattern language" writing for the subjects.
  • Consider how pattern recognition and descriptions of patterns (a pattern language) can impact ...
Week 4: Nov. 13 - 19 Participant Forum: App Tech


After you have completed the Appropriate Technology assignment discuss with classmates the appropriate technologies of particular interest to you.

  1. Are there ideas you want to explore specific to your site?
  2. Do you have experience with any?
  3. Have you noted any limitations or benefits?


Week 5: Nov. 20 - 27 Participant Forum: Assessment Maps

Your student forum this week:  Assessments Maps

Share your maps you've made this week, including:

  • Sector Map
  • Random Assembly and Zone Maps
  • Elevation Profile Map (optional)

In addition, share your thoughts around the following:

  1. How do these assessments help you see your property?
  2. What were ...
Week 6: Nov. 27 - Dec. 4 Forum: Polyculture & Niche Analysis Questions & Comments (optional)

Upload and share images of your polycultures or niche analysis.

Feel free to post ideas and questions about this week's assignments.

Posting is not required this week but may be helpful for yourself and others.