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6 January - 10 January Participant Forum: Introduce Yourself and Interests

Your student forum this week: Please Introduce Yourself.

This week’s forum provides an opportunity to introduce yourself to the instructor and to other students in the class. Please introduce yourself by clicking on the add new discussion topic button below. Share where you're from or ...

10 de enero - 16 de enero Participant Forum: Ethics, Principles, Strategies, Techniques

You are required to post in the each week's forum as part of the course. If you do not post, and/or respond to others' posts each week, it is an incomplete assignment.

Ethics, Principles, Strategies, Techniques

Share with other participants details of your chosen system developed within the ...

17 de enero - 23 de enero Participant Forum: Patterns


  • What aspects of the lectures and reading spoke to you this week?
  • Will observing and applying patterns to your design be useful? If so, how?
  • Please also post any links to pattern-related online resources you've found.

When making your first post to the weekly forum start a new ...

24 de enero - 30 de enero Participant Forum: Soil Health

Soil Health

Share with other participants your perspective on soil health. Did you ideas change or reinforce after you watched Ray Archuleta's video or any of the others?  You can also share experiences and tips from your mapping or soil testing.

Start a new discussion topic when making your ...

31 de enero - 6 de febrero Participant Forum: Contour Mapping

After you have completed Activity 4.2 share a photograph, map or picture of your work along with a commentary which briefly answers the following questions:

  • What was your experience building the device you chose?
  • Where did you cite your contour line, and why?
  • How did you find mapping ...
7 de febrero - 13 de febrero Participant Forum: Your Polyculture

Complete Activity 5.2: Stacking in Time and Space by sharing your polyculture sketch and a few clear and concise sentences clarifying details, comments or concerns about your sketch. Provide your perspective and encouragement to others.



14 de febrero - 20 de febrero Forum: Animals in Your Landscape

Please share your reactions to this week's reading and videos about integrating animals in the landscape.

What animals are you currently raising on your site? Has this week's work given you new ideas or perspectives?  

If you do not raise animals, are you considering it? What would be your ...