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Vegetable Garden

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Vegetable Garden
by Todd White - Thursday, January 23, 2020, 9:21 AM

I went with vegetale garden like a few others. Below you will find the details. Have a great day everyone.


Ethics – To grow annual and perennial vegetables with the least amount of negative environmental impact.


Principles - “Let nature take its course” and “Waste not, want not”.


Strategy – To find and plant annual and perennial varities of vegetables that will grow successfully and allow for propagation at my site without the need for soil additives or conditioners.


Techniques – Keep much more extensive growing journals to have hard data in which to make decisions on what varities to grow and replace. Plan soil building through composting and appropriate plantings to allow for natural growth of the soil. Start and maintain a seed saving program so that successful plantings can be repeated with plants already successfully adapted to the current area. Make and implement plans for surplus food.