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by Wendy Hagan - Sunday, January 19, 2020, 11:05 AM

For this assignment I have chosen an Apiary as the chosen system 

I have chosen Ethics 1 Care for the earth 

Using the principles of Obtain a Yield, Design from Patterns to Details and Use and Value Renewable Resources and Services.

The current location of the apiary is next to a small pond which is adjacent to a small wooded area.  In the spring the trees provide pollen and the pond provides a water source for the bees. There is also a small orchard being planted in spring 2020 which after established will provide pollination opportunities.  As the spring progresses and pollen becomes more scarce a 2 acre vegetable garden and flower cutting garden will provide food for the bees.

My techniques will include selecting Russian bees which have proven to be more adapted to overwintering in my region, using organic practices within the hive as well as in the maintenance of the orchard, vegetable and flower cutting gardens to attempt to control some of the bees exposure to harmful chemicals and pesticides (which is difficult as their range is up to 5 miles and I can't control where they forage).