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fixing my herbaceous mistakes!!

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fixing my herbaceous mistakes!!
by Francesca Deierlein - Wednesday, July 27, 2022, 12:38 PM

I love, love, love, gardening, especially with herbaceous plants.  With that said, every year I remind myself to remove the plants on one side of the vegetable garden fence and amend the soil.   The plants in this area bloom later in the season, appear messy and disorganized,  and I never get back to attend to them.   Evening primrose is the most prominent of plantings in this garden, along with Liatris, a black Hollyhock, Yucca,  Bellflowers  and Agatasche.   The plants never look as great as some of my other gardens and I know I need to work the soil and doll up this area.       Oh well!  

My experience comes from trial and error(!) ,  reading Garden Gate, (which offers very pretty pictures!)  Horticulture magazine, and chatting with local nurserymen/women and friends.      Greenscapes and Mark from Lan's in Clay are very helpful with recommendations.  Unfortunately, I find plants and want to take all of them home.  This adds  to my gardening distractions and my gardens sometimes reflect this.  For me, selecting a favorite plant is the relationship a mother has with her child;  I find something likeable with all of them and it is difficult to name a favorite.    I do look forward to the Fern Peonies and Lenten Roses that bloom in early spring, along with Lupines and the Guems. Peonies have a wonderful fragrance,  Salvia, Catmint, and Guems dance pleasantly in the breeze, and the hummingbirds love the Bee Balm.   I guess one could say my yard is a kaleidoscope of color and plants that feed my senses.  

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Re: fixing my herbaceous mistakes!!
by Holly Wise - Wednesday, August 3, 2022, 3:00 PM

Thanks for sharing how you plan to tackle challenges in your perennial garden.