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Peggy Berk
Re: Kelley bubble maps
by Peggy Berk - Friday, April 23, 2021, 9:56 PM


Careful with the comfrey..  you may not have had it on your radar in the early 2000's but all supplements containing comfrey were ordered off the market by USDA and  the FDA because it was found to be causing many cases of liver toxicity, some fatal, in humans.  More recently it has been listed as a known carcinogen for liver cancer.

I don't know enough about its particular sub-soil science to know if its presence can have any deleterious effects on nearby plants,  (although we do know in general that plant enzymes are transmitted underground between plants) but it is one of the plants that permaculturists have used widely because of its decomposed ability to impact the soil.   I may be over cautious about these things, but I would keep it away from my edibles and  my compost.

Borage has a lot of similar attributes without the reported toxicity. It's an ecological superstar that is edible too!