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Small scale focus

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Small scale focus
by Abigail Shields - Sunday, April 4, 2021, 9:08 PM

Pardon me as I play catch up on assignments and forums! I have had some family medical emergencies the past couple of weeks and am finally in a space that I can focus some of my attention back to the course. 

I have found that I tend to naturally think big picture goals, I see the beautiful end result that I so badly want to magically appear and fail to see the million tiny steps it takes to reach said goals. In my current design site, I have many restrictions: money, time, and keeping in mind that my parents would like to sell their home in the next year or so. These constraints allow me to act more pragmatically and work with what my dad has already done on the property and to build upon his work with permaculture principles in mind. I am also going to allow my parents to give my final design to the maybe future owners in hopes that they will implement the design in a way that works for them as well. 

I am not the most tech savvy millennial and love drawing out my designs more than using software, but am open software that is user friendly that some of y'all might have had luck using. 

I am continuously learning in this lifetime to take care of myself and be kind to myself, as life happens to all of us and things come up that slow progress, but that doesn't mean the project is doomed! Just that it may take a little more time, some help from others, and clear communication to keep on moving forward to achieve and implement personal/project goals.