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Strategies for Success - Cape Cod Forest Garden

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Strategies for Success - Cape Cod Forest Garden
by Deb Winther - Friday, March 26, 2021, 2:44 PM

Hi everyone,

Completing the questionnaire and documenting the goals and criteria for my site helped to firm up all the tasks that were swirling around in my mind. These assignments were a good exercise that made me take a step back and carefully consider my objectives and how I would implement them.

I completed the questionnaire from my point of view, but also included responses from my adult children, as well as those of a close friend that visits my site often. As a group, we flushed out two issues that I hadn't specifically addressed in my design - (1) a perceived lack of privacy, and (2) the amount of maintenance. Both issues will be considered in my final design.

After defining my goals and identifying the criteria to meet them, I created a simple project plan in Excel to ensure that I'm not taking on more that I can handle. Since I live on my own and will perform most of the work myself, it was helpful to break up the larger elements of my design into smaller, manageable steps. In fact, one of my elements has morphed into a multi-year project since it will be too much to take on in the same year that I plan to install the forest garden. Mapping everything out on a timeline helped me to prioritize what I wanted to focus on this year.  Other elements of my design are easy to complete (build spiral herb garden, assemble raised beds from kits, start my veggie and flower seeds), so I've included them in my comprehensive project plan, but as separate steps. Having an estimated timeline will keep me on task, instead of wandering around the front yard wondering what I should do next. LOL!

I hope you all found this process to be helpful.