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Keep it Simple

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Keep it Simple
by Brittany Piccuirro - Friday, March 19, 2021, 10:53 PM
With regards to permaculture (and many other things in life!) I find that I get really excited about possibilities.  I've gathered so much exciting information from this course, and of course I want mushrooms and ducks and all of it!  While this enthusiasm is great,  I've always found it to be in my best interest to keep it simple at the beginning.

In this program, goal articulation and understanding limitations are probably the most useful tools for me to not get carried away!  But beyond that, recognizing that starting off simple, with 1 affordable, attainable step is probably my path to the greatest success.  Starting big makes it hard to change course, and can lead to overwhelm.  Like writing a good essay, I think the most practical approach is starting with a small, succinct, "kernel" of an idea, then allowing the rest of the information to build in support of this thesis over time.