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Boots and Blooms Check in...

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Boots and Blooms Check in...
by Celeste Carmichael - Sunday, January 24, 2021, 9:00 AM
Cel's paperwhites 3 weeks after plantingCel's forced forsythia - 3 weeks in

***Sharing an update to yesterday's post in case my picture of forsythia felt confusing.   Sorry about that.  Forcing Forsythia is activity 2 in our Family Fun Online Project - Boots and Blooms.  See the online activity for a description and directions.  In this revision, I'm also including a picture of my paperwhite bulbs :) that should look a little more familiar!  LOL.  Happy Sunday everyone!


Hi there fams + friends - 

Looks like many are off to a great start!  Hope you all had fun planting your paperwhite bulbs.  The snow has been beautiful here in Moravia today, yet so fun to have some spring coming up inside during the winter.  

If you are ready to move on to activity 2 - look for a warm-ish sunny day to prune back some flowering shrubs and get them started.  As you may recall - the "kit" contained bulbs but not materials for other activities (as you likely have materials close to home and free :)).  While it could take the forsythia several weeks to force indoors...3 weeks was enough for mine (pruned Jan 11).  I've heard from some that are planning to prune lilacs, redbud, and pussy willows.  Very excited to see how everyone's projects turn out.  Be sure to post in the discussion sections :).

Questions, comments, need help?  Feel free tor each out - Cel Carmichael,