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by Pat Sasso - Tuesday, December 15, 2020, 2:40 PM


My vision is that this body is the gatekeeper for courageous communication between school and community in regards to issues of diversity/race.  I hope it can come to see these issues with as little bias as possible.  I hope that the parts of the community that have felt powerless in the school will become equal members at the table that makes decisions about planning, policies and allocation of funds. 

I have attached excerpts from a letter and follow-up communication that I had with the chairperson.  I attempted to stimulate discussion about moving from a belief statement to practice.  I feel that the school personnel need to provide the example for the students and community of how a person makes that transition.  I wrote the self-refection questions because I felt that anyone who can answer these questions authentically will be more prepared to provide that example.  I feel that we will only bring the community to the table if we are ready ourselves.