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Free Range Broiler Niche

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Free Range Broiler Niche
by Debbie Sexsmith - Friday, December 4, 2020, 10:39 PM

Hi everyone,

I don't think I have made up my mind exactly what kind of chicken breed we want to add to our farm.  We have a chicken coop that is not moveable and quite a distance from the garden where I would like to have them work :)  We have a flock of 50 primary egg layers, ISA Browns and Barred Rocks.  We would really like to build a chicken tractor and raise a flock closer to the main season garden, especially my asparagus patch. 

I like the idea of dual purpose and I really like the idea of heritage breeds.  After I did all the research, it appears that hybrid broilers aren't really sustainable, in my opinion.  They have to be purchased every year.  That sounds familiar :)