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A Home for the Wizards - Norway Spruce Polyculture

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Re: A Home for the Wizards - Norway Spruce Polyculture
by Christopher Schmitt - Thursday, December 3, 2020, 5:00 PM

Hi Peggy,

Thanks so much for sharing Cornell's ladybug program--we will be sure to check it out. As for the Norway Spruces, yes, they can get pretty large; we have 18,000 planted conifers, many of which are Norway Spruces, that are at least 50 years old, and around 75' in height. A section of our property has about 500 mostly Norway Spruces that are in the more manageable 4'-12' range, which we would like to coppice and use as Christmas trees so that they do not become a forest habitat. If you were to plant a Norway Spruce, we can certainly attest to the fact that they do get quite large and wide (hence my daughter's description of them as "wizard sleeves" since their heavy, huge limbs droop way down once they reach a certain age). For the past four years, we have sheared and trimmed the smaller trees quite successfully to keep them a manageable height, and the upside is that they provide a wonderful bird habitat.

Hope this helps!

Chris and family