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App Novice
by Andrea Fajardo - Wednesday, December 2, 2020, 7:35 PM

My early experiences with Appropriate Technology have been with my stays at an incredible place called The Hostel in the Forest in Brunswick, GA. They have an efficient grey water system, solar heated hot water for the outdoors showers, solar pumps, solar lighting, and a clever adaptation of chest freezers to work as their communal refrigerators (the chest freezer has a lift-up lid so when its opened the cold air stays in place). 

I was bowled over by the classroom videos, and will be doing a great deal of research. I found the bike energy to be lovely and simple (albeit I hope that the youth in the community can assist, it seems like a heavy expenditure of energy - and would be interested in the caloric ratios of burn vs product produced). Passive systems have appealed most to me. That video jogged a lovely memory I have of a phenomenal TED talk by a teenage Malawian who built himself and his community a windmill.

Working within the parameters of a micro space my main focus has been addressing the needs of reducing my homes carbon footprint, and also water harvesting. I've been excited to get to the gritty details of creating small berms and swales. 

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Re: App Novice
by Pamela Sonn - Wednesday, December 2, 2020, 8:02 PM

Hello Andrea! 

Thanks for sharing - I looked up The Hostel in the Forest and it looks like a really neat place!  When I started to read your description, I was reminded of The Deer Isle Hostel in Maine.

They have a similar vibe.

A micro space can sometimes be a catalyst for creativity!

Thank you,