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New to App Tech!
by Anne Gallagher - Saturday, November 21, 2020, 8:25 AM

This week has been a great introduction for me on learning what technologies are available for observing the environment on my project site. It is cool to think that there are easy ways to keep track of wind, sun, humidity, etc. without the need for high end equipment. 

While I don't have any experience with any, I hope to explore wind measurement. My site is a small residential backyard by the Chesapeake Bay. However, a rather large fence around the property keeps the climate pretty protected from extreme winds. Large trees from neighbor also provide much shade, so solar energy would be hard to capture. It was interesting to read about the permaculture site in VA that someone visited which found a way to utilize shade and make it work in a permaculture setting. Growing up is certainly an idea to consider in a small space!

Since the ground level seems to be quite static, I think the options I would like to explore further are to see what I can achieve from the top deck on the site, This deck is not connected to the site, but rather comes off separately from the master bedroom. It lies above the tree canopy so it will be open to the sun and wind. I plan to explore how to capture this free energy and make use of it for the site down below. 

Otherwise, plenty of rain and high humidity in this area lends itself to creating a rain barrel system for irrigation in the garden. With high humidity inside the house, a humidifier can capture that water and the distilled water can be used for the garden as well. All in all, I have not landed on what plan to do for this space yet with applied technology. I'm still trying to take it all in, but I have enjoyed reading ideas from felow classmates. Thank you all for your insights!