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Free energy is right up my alley

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Free energy is right up my alley
by Michael Pergamit - Thursday, November 19, 2020, 11:07 PM

Solar. Dehydrator.  I'm a little disappointed I hadn't seen this before.  Nice to know what my next carpentry project will be.   We've traditionally used an electric dehydrator or the oven to process our produce but soon, there's gonna be no stopping us!  We usually end up with a good amount of fruit and have several herbs incorporated into the landscape.  It would be wonderful to be able to use this and save on our energy bill!  We can also make use of some old materials we've kept around "just in case" we needed them.  With each passing year, our plants produce higher yields, and we're running out of people to share with.  This will certainly help us preserve more for the off-season.

Most of my past projects have been poultry based, chicken tractors, coops, duck ponds with pumps to disperse soiled water, but the neighborhood we live in now limits some of our options.  If I'm able to build a solar dehydrator, I could easily offer up some racks to my friends and neighbors.  Our neighborhood is full of very mature fruit trees, and a community dehydrator may be welcomed with open arms.

I am eager to implement some of the other technologies, but our current location simply won't accommodate them.  I'm especially interested in building and implementing compost-heated technologies (hot tub, anyone?!).  We can plan ahead to ensure our future property can easily utilize more of these technologies to make it that much more sustainable and energy-efficient.

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Re: Free energy is right up my alley
by Debbie Sexsmith - Monday, November 23, 2020, 4:18 PM

Hmm I think I need to work a hot tub into the plan now.  We have our dehydrator in a small polycarbonate greenhouse but use electricity for a small fan. I think we can adapt what we have to move air without the fan.  Or we might just add a little solar.

I tried the chicken tractor but have trouble getting the chickens in it to start with.