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Appropriate Tech Interests
by Abigail Shields - Thursday, November 19, 2020, 1:09 PM

After watching the videos, I found the solar dehydrators and the cob rocket stove to be of interest. In the past, I have helped build different cob structures including an outdoor pizza stove. I found the indoor cob structure to be fascinating, as the elements wouldn't deteriorate the structure.


The bicycle ran technologies are great for both curbing fossil fuel use and getting your exercise in. While working on a farm in Santa Rosa, California I spent some time using a double bicycle tractor that two people would sit on and slowly run down the rows while seeding and planting between. This system disturbed the soil a bit too much for my liking, but the idea was implemented well in my friend's build. These technologies are also assuming people are able bodied enough to run such machines. 


I think the solar dehydrator would be something that I could implement on my site, as it is located in Houston, Texas and gets adequate year long sunlight. I've always used electrical dehydrators for fruits and veggies and hanging dryers for herbs and flowers. The idea of curbing the fossil fuel input is very appealing and attainable on my site. Similar to other posts, I find the ten rack system to be a bit large and would love to build a smaller version more suited for a backyard in a residential space. Would a smaller system work as efficiently, or is the height needed to produce enough energy to move through the system? In general, with most likely an increase in precipitation in the coming decades, I wonder how many sunny days there will be to use the dehydrator and if during the bulk of harvest season it will be usable? Overall, I think implementing a solar dehydrator at most sites is a wonderful idea for processing surplus of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and meats.