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The Goals of Permaculture

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The Goals of Permaculture
by Michelle Cohen - Friday, November 6, 2020, 6:24 PM

I found myself overthinking the goal assignment.  I started to get stressed that I wasn't going to be able to come up with enough concrete actions, and anyway, would I every be able to achieve these goals in my tiny semi-urban yard?  Then I remembered that these are goals, and I have to start somewhere, even if many of the things I'd like to incorporate into my garden will remain at the level of fantasy for awhile.  I loved the idea that someone had of giving away her green tomatoes. I keep looking at mine and wondering what to do with them, since no one in my house loves green tomatoes and there a lot!! I may do the same and advertise that they are available.  I personally think that the fair share ethic might be the easiest to achieve.  Even with my clumsy and less than ideal vegetable garden I always produce more than we can eat.  I've also started using my garden for cut flowers and bringing surprise bouquets to people.  Flowers and fresh produce are always a great treat and are in my yard in abundance. 


I do wonder about all the plastic used in the gardening industry. I know there are recycled pots available and compostable pots for seedlings, but still...there is a lot of plastic.  I've been able to greatly reduce the amount of plastic in my life in nearly every realm but gardening.  Not sure how to rectify this unless I grow all my own plants.  Which would be hard right now.  Any suggestions?


Thanks, Michelle