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Reactions to readings
by Ariel Kirk - Thursday, November 5, 2020, 2:11 PM

As I digest the material and play catch up to the pertaining course week, I'm reminded that permaculture as a method is really easy to romanticize.  I don't say that to criticize, and I rather hold it in esteem with the tenants expressed in the readings and media we've reviewed so far. 

It's a beautiful to thing  to think of using natural system types, building onto what you have currently and utilize your resources to develop an interconnected, productive (abundant to be able to share), and dare I say harmonious system!

But, it's not as easy as all that and takes decided work to observe, take stock, and manage the environmental area to the best of its ability. I appreciated the critique of permaculture in the above paper and how more scientific study is needed on the subject to add to the many anecdotal instances usually cited.  I'd also like to read more about the anecdotal evidence as well.

I see a defining characteristic of permaculture as an ongoing process for both the ecological systems and as the one one building or nudging the system into place.  I think it's great to reinforce the try, observe, reflect, try again mentality.