Participant Forum: Permaculture?

Participant Forum: Permaculture?

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Participant Forum: Permaculture?
by Anne Gallagher - Thursday, October 29, 2020, 8:15 AM

I found this week's introductory readings and presentation an interesting foundation to the topic of permaculture. I had one of those moments where you learn more to realize how much you still don't know. I think I have a preconceived, very vague notion of permaculture as relationship management on a piece of land. Going through the readings and lecture, I was humbled to learn to goes far beyond that; and indeed it is a whole theory of working within an ecosystem.

One aspect I enjoyed was reading was the ethical responsibility of permaculture. It was intriguing to learn that permaculture ethics means to go into a project area with this ethical understanding to provide care for the Earth, the care of the people, and the reduction of consumption, with surplus being shared to those with a greater need. Thus there is more of a relationship development with the land you wish to use, a responsibility to learn the best way in which to use it, and an acknowledgement that you are not doing so in a vacuum, that there is a larger community outside your project area. 

I also look forward to learning more about the idea of many things happening in an area at once and over time. I think the lesson of using ducks to clear an area and fertilize for planting, while you have a meat and egg source seemed in itself a great use of permaculture design. However, the author challenged us to go a step further by thinking of the best cover crops to plant in succession for maintaining soil health in the long term. It's not just a one thing in the spring, then move on to the summer situation. You really have to think strategically, responsibly, and purposefully. I think this was one of the moments I realized just how much was going on with permaculture and how much I have yet to learn.

I feel, especially in urban areas, a severe disconnect to nature and ecosystems. Indeed, reading this week's articles have shown my own disconnect. Can the theory and practice f permaculture help to repair this disconnection? There is certainly a lot for me to discover!

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Re: Participant Forum: Permaculture?
by Debbie Sexsmith - Thursday, October 29, 2020, 7:25 PM

Hi Anne

I think the disconnect is in rural areas as well. We have children come the farm and can't believe that beans grow on plants and don't just come from a can.  I think it will be up to us and others in the agroecological movement to demonstrate, educate and create opportunities for that connection.