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First discussion!

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First discussion!
by Mehreen Khan - Thursday, October 29, 2020, 12:40 AM

This course will be my first proper exposure to the idea of Permaculture. A variety of YouTube videos from farmers and gardeners inspired me to take such a course, even though I never truly understood the concept. The videos and the text were eye-opening and explanatory in many ways.

While reading Steve Gabriel’s article, a few things stood out me. His words: we are mortal beings, and especially in the Permaculture movement we are going to stumble a lot along the way as we try and figure things really resonated with me. I have been hard on myself many times on my journey as a beginner gardener. I have made many mistakes and have found myself lacking the appropriate skills on many occasions. This has been a reason that has caused me to find myself a failure. The fact that he encourages one to be easy on themselves and allow the aspect of making mistakes be a part of the learning process was something that hit a nerve. It is ok to not know everything and by making a conscious effort, to the best of our ability, we can certainly make a change in the long run.

Permaculture is a connection that we as humans have to form with the earth. I found that through the study of Permaculture principles we should be able to develop a relationship of respect with the soil and land that gives us more in return than we give it. And this relationship should not just be limited to the land, but also the creatures that depend on the land for their sustenance and life. The idea that it is to build an integrated system that brings many aspects of the Permaculture together. The coherence of these aspects will help us build a self-sustaining system that is more in line with how mother nature truly takes care of her own. 

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Re: First discussion!
by Debbie Sexsmith - Thursday, October 29, 2020, 7:35 PM

Hi Mehreen

We work with youth here and teaching 'respect' is challenging. We can model it, but honestly, I have found that animals and nature herself are the best teachers.