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Look! I'm doing permaculture!

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Look! I'm doing permaculture!
by Michael Pergamit - Thursday, October 29, 2020, 12:07 AM

I absolutely loved the materials from this week because this is a question I have asked and been asked time and time again.  

Watching the videos and reading the articles with my wife and discussing how it applies to what we are doing was an enlightening experience.  Admittedly, we are the absolute WORST at taking "before" documentation and having it pointed out that this is not uncommon helped a little.

The conversation sparked by the videos and articles led to our understanding of the defining characteristics of permaculture boils down to "leave it better than how you found it."  Working a property for your own, and only your own, benefit is not a functional way of land stewardship.  At its foundation, its also just not possible.  There is no benefit to one with out some benefit to another, even if it might be tangental (pollination is required for fruit/veg production while also providing sustenance to the pollinator), so you might as well lean into it.

While I see many similarities amongst sustainable agriculture philosophies, I see permaculture as an interconnection of pieces of many, becoming a sum that is greater than its parts.