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Permaculture Reflection

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Permaculture Reflection
by Abigail Shields - Wednesday, October 28, 2020, 6:47 PM

I find myself reacquainting my brain with systems thinking, a bit overwhelmed with the complexity of ethical process and the actions we must take to uphold said ethic. Like the article mentioned, there is much to be learned in the murkiness when we dive into the deep waters of land stewardship. I have often found as a gardener and farmer that yes I perform the tasks of permaculture, but mindlessly and without intention. It is quite easy to get caught up in the linear mindset rather than be truly connected to the systems and processes occurring around us all the time. I feel excited to meditate more on my role as a land steward and develop more connections amongst my practices. As someone who has been living through fire season in Northern California and Oregon, I find myself constantly with a sort of panic welling up within me. To be of service to the land and communities suffering from poor forest & grassland management which coupled with climate change is causing detrimental changes to the landscapes around me. I believe there to be a better way of existence, and I think permaculture is a key part of getting us there. 


So far I understand permaculture to be composed of intention, planning out complexities of natural ecosystems via maps and analysis , and actionized ethic. I believe permaculture to be a healing path for planet and human alike. 

Permaculture reminds me of the biodynamic and bio-intensive no-till practices I have used in farming for years. Establishing connections within ecosystems and farming to build soil has been a part of my life for quite some time; however, permaculture is both a pragmatic agrarian approach as well as a way of expanding our lens to the complex systems we partake in daily.