MOODLE for Projects - Course Wrap up

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MOODLE for Projects - Course Wrap up
by Celeste Carmichael - Friday, October 23, 2020, 4:30 PM

Colleagues - 

Thank you so much for joining me the last three weeks as we explored online learning basics, course design, the ins and outs of Moodle, and explored topic set up.

Today's agenda, which includes a link to the recording, can be found in our Google Folder (see link in "helpful links" box in our course).  The resources and the MOODLE course will remain open available to you.  The recording will be up for around 3 months...and then deleted. 

I would encourage you to think about what's next - if you want to play or build - request a course of your own (see link in "helpful links") - detail for Paul Treadwell what you might like as a course shell <if you like the way MOODLE for Projects is set up, let him know that>.  There are two upcoming professional development series' listed on the staff site to help you dive more into course design and starting a Moodle if you would like.

If you would be willing...please do share a little feedback about your experience.  It helps me to know what was helpful, and what could be tweaked :). 

Thank you again - and have a GREAT weekend!