Checking in...

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Checking in...
by Celeste Carmichael - Thursday, October 22, 2020, 8:43 AM

Hey there Moodlers - 

Hope you are doing well.  I think many are likely involved in the NAE4-HA conference this week (I'm seeing highlights - looks amazing :)).

Just checking in...  Reminder that you can continue to work in our Moodle course on your own as you are each course "managers".  If no time to try that - that's okay too. 

We will plan to have our last session tomorrow beginning at 1pm.  The plan is:

  • review a course that could possibly be used as a template for our 4-H Projects.  You may have suggestions about alternate items to include. 
  • cover your questions - the hoops and hurdles you may have stumbled across
  • give your groups more significant time to play, and then
  • gallery walk to let you share what you have created (challenge by choice, of course)

As we conclude I'll invite you to participate in the upcoming "Creating Online Courses" series I have coming up in November or the Moodle workshop Paul Treadwell and I have coming up in January.  This stuff is not rocket science, but it does take practice and coaching.  We are here for you :).

Reach out if you need anything before tomorrow...


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Re: Checking in...
by Chrys Nestle - Friday, October 23, 2020, 10:36 AM

Hello Celeste,

I am one whose schedule has been swallowed up by the NAE4-HYDP conference - and that's a good thing!  I need to catch up with my "pardner" Carrie!

See you all soon,