Great work today!!

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Great work today!!
by Celeste Carmichael - Friday, October 16, 2020, 3:05 PM

Colleagues –

Thank you for spending Friday afternoon with me.  What troopers you all are – you got in, you found your way around, and have started creating content – impressive!  Below are the materials covered along with a to-do for next Thursday (most important get into our course and play a little - ).

 Link to Google Folder (all materials covered today and last week):

 Before next Thursday:


  1. Be sure that you can log in to both


  1. Add and edit content in your topic (or, if you would like to – start a new topic!!)
  2. Connect to 2 people about what you learned, or what you don’t understand

If you missed and want to see the recording – let me know I’ll send it out next week as it is still processing.

Feel free to ask as you have Qs. 

Have a wonderful weekend!