Assignment #3: Action Project Tasks 6 and 7

  • Program Evaluation/Feedback
  • Dry Run and Discussion

Use the Action Project Planning Worksheet to complete Steps 6 and 7:

Step Six: Program Evaluation/Feedback (assignment)

  • Submit your answers in this assignment section (similar to a Journal Entry) to discuss your Program Evaluation/Feedback strategies.
  • As in Assignment #2, if you are teaming up with others in this class, please indicate that in your submission and list the names of those in your team. You can choose to have one person submit this assignment on behalf of the team, however each team member should post and be active in the discussion forum this week as you discuss these steps.
  • Please complete this assignment by the due date.

Step Seven: Dry Run (Discussion)

Post in the Discussion Forum to share your project as a Dry Run and Discuss with your peers.

  • Complete the table in Step 7 and a draft of your action project’s educational product. You will share this draft with a small group of peers (your classmates) in the Dry Run Discussion Forum.
  • Peers will complete the Peer Review Feedback Form (also found on page 10 of Planning Worksheet found above), to engage in further discussions and address challenges or questions that will inform how adjustments can be made to improve reaching the target audience and achieving learning objectives.
  • Please post in this forum throughout the week(s) posted in the due dates.