Journal Entry #3: Food Gardening Knowledge Check

This Journal Entry will be a Knowledge Check on what you have learned in this Module on Food Gardening.

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Please answer these 10 questions and submit your answers below:

1. What are some best watering practices for a vegetable garden? 

2. What are three things that will help reduce diseases in your plants?  

3. Why is it best to avoid planting crops from the same family in the same place 2 years in a row? How many years should you wait?

4. Provide an example of succession planting. Why might it be valuable strategy in promoting soil health?

5. What is one season extension technique? 

6. What is critical to consider before a gardener plants a fruit crop?

7. Name several keys to success for growing fruit trees in the garden.

8. Name several keys to success for growing strawberries in the garden.

9. Name several keys to success for growing brambles (raspberries and blackberries) in the garden. 

10. Name several keys to success for growing blueberries in the garden.

Have you completed everything on this week's "To Do" List?