Activity 4.1: Final Design Map and Presentation

Final Design Map and Presentation

This is a presentation of your key design ideas for your site presented along with the goals and assessments that support your ideas.

You will review and edit all your assessments, design sketches and notes from all your coursework. Select and compile your best work, the most relevant assessments, a schematic and patch design into one final presentation that summarizes your premaculture design. 

The parts include:

1. A highlight of the essential components from five to seven site assessments categories that informed the final design. This can be a presentation of maps from your selected site assessment categories or a summary map.

2. Description of your goals for the design. Describe three goals that each have at least three criteria.

3. Presentation of your final design map, with elements drawn to relative scale on a series of overlays that help break down key design elements so that others can better understand your design.

At least three to five permaculture principles should be highlighted that are evident in your proposed design . 

Some possible design overlays could include zones, water, plantings, paths/access, infrastructure, educational elements, and "big picture" or concept map.

4. A smaller map “zooming” in on one aspect of the design and completing a patch design that describes appropriate details for construction or implementation (scale, materials, budget.) Examples of this include: diagram of a pavilion; drawing of a garden bed with plant list; elevation drawing of terraced plantings; mini-pond design; poultry coop with breed recommendations and cost estimates, an implementation timeline or budget, etc. Examples will be posted in the forum under "Patch and Detail Design."


You can use either a recorded (oral) powerpoint presentation OR a written presentation with images of your maps, submitted in DOC or PDF form.

Criteria for Evaluation:

Design Concept

___ Overall project is appropriate, innovative, exciting, and interesting

___ The design offers a “big picture” concept, elements are clearly interconnected

___ The project reflects ethics, principles, strategies, and techniques learned in the course.

Presentation Content 

___ Clear overall description of the site location/features as through the audience has never been there

___ Site Assessments with key points highlighted, clear that the site assessment was referenced in design decisions

___ Goals Articulation with at least three goals related to ethics and 3  - 5 criteria for each.

___ Final Design is visually appealing, to relative scale, with overlays that are easy to understand both during the presentation and viewed without commentary 


___ The methods of presentation allow the audience to easily see and comprehend the design proposals put forth by the group

___ The presentation was well-timed, logical, and organized

___ The patch contains necessary details that are accurate and well-researched

___ The presentation of the design is clearly articulated and compelling

Submit your final presentation here and share a copy with fellow students in the forum.

If your files are too large to upload, email your presentation to <>.