Activity 3.1: Video & Bubble Maps

Bubble Maps Lead to Inspiration

You will create many quickly-drawn overlays of design problems or solutions from particular themes or perspectives. By choosing one theme, we can focus our attention on characteristics of your site hopefully leading to design insights.

Some examples of themes to work with:

  • Water
  • Animals
  • Movement of People
  • Movement of Materials
  • Favorite or Special Locations
  • Wildlife
  • Conflicts
  • Vehicle access and impacts
  • Locations in the site or design that can--or already--demonstrate permaculture principles.
  • Details, concerns, problems described by family, neighbors, or others.
  • Food production
  • Disaster preparation or impacts

Complete this activity by completing at least ten 10-minute bubble maps over the course of this week. Submit all ten from this page when you are finished. Send them to the insructor via email if your files are too large.

Share with other participants your via our Participant Forum: Bubble Map Sharing. No need to wait until you have completed them all. Post as-you-go to the forum.