Activity 4.1: Weather Station & Phenology.

Critical to understanding the unique climate effects on your design site are the observations and documentations you make throughout the year. A nice companion to the optional week three activity: Sit Spot is to set up some simple tools to observe weather events and site features as well as keeping a phenology journal. Phenology is the study of the timing of natural events. Of course, you can purchase many of these items from a manufacturer, but we encourage you to build a few of your own as well.

Dedicate a notebook or an electronic file through your mobile device or computer to recording observations and measurements.

Fields in your records could include:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Temp
  • Humidity Max/Min
  • Precipitation Type
  • Precipitation Amount
  • Wind Direction
  • Observations  (Notes about the dynamics of the weather, sightings of animals, questions about trees or plants...)


For this assignment:

  1. Check out the examples above or browse the internet for other ideas.
  2. Get yourself started with a thermometer/humidity meter, wind vane, or a rain guage.
  3. Set up a journal to record observations.
  4. Select seven days over the next two weeks to collect data. Submit a short report summarizing your activity and data.