Activity 0.1: Practice Scanning and Uploading Document.

In this course you will be scanning and submitting outcomes from activities through the Moodle software platform. We'd like you to ensure that you can use the technology's important feature: submitting your work. I don't want to send your first "real" assignment and then finding that you cannot for whatever reason.

1. Please take a picture and/or create a sketch of an outdoor site you are considering for your permaculture design. Please take the image from any angle that provides the most information. You may include notes, if you like.

2. Save and upload your pictures in the .jpg or .pdf format. If you made a sketch, scan it or take a high quality picture. If you do not have a steady hand, find a tripod or someother set up to take sharp clear photographs. Save as a .pdf or .jpg.

3. Upload your image using the "submit" button on this page.

4. If students use CAD or other image or mapping software they still need to send in a .jpg or .pdf format.

5. Assignments should always be submitted through this site if possible. If a file is too big (greater than 50 MB), you can share your document through GoogleDrive. Share to the instructor's personal account: <>.