Activity 6.1: Design Assessment Summary

At this point, you have a multitude of assignments pertaining to your site. This activity will do two things to give you a chance to consider what you have done and where you need to go next in developing your design site.

1) Assemble and lay out to view whatever portion of work you have completed to assess your site. Answer these questions:

    • What have you learned about your site?
    • What has changed your perception and plans since taking this course?
    • What are you still missing?
    • What elements need to be researched more before you can continue on? 

2) Write a clear and concise evaluation based in part on the above questions.

3) Create a summary assessment map. Using an overlay on your base map, sketch, stich and synthesize your work of assessing and observing onto one map. You may choose not to include every detail.

Place the important mapped and observed elements first and add more until you have a decent picture of what is on your site.

If you have taken both the Fundamentals and the Mimicry classes you may have created much assessment data. Your challenge is to pick the most relevant for this summary map.

Aim to create a map that you could show to others in order to explain your observations.

Here are the site assessments by class:


    • Base Map
    • Personal & Site Goals
    • Sit Spot
    • Solar Evaluation for your site
    • Weather Station
    • Random Assembly
    • Zones Map
    • Sector Map
    • Plant Polyculture


    • Base Map
    • Soil Map, Soil Assessments & Compost work
    • Water Budget
    • Contour Mapping
    • Source & Sink Materials
    • Tree Research
    • Tree Polyculture
    • Animal Habitat

4) Create an overlay of first-draft design ideas you have as a result of your observations and this course. Do not get too hung up on details. You are not committing to these ideas yet.

First place elements and aspects of your site you feel most confident about. Then add others,with a "?" notation to indicate you are unsure about the decision. Make notes as needed in the margins of your map.

Attempt to bring together your ideas in a summary map that you can share with others.

Complete your assignment by sending your images using the submit button. If you have trouble with file sizes please send a copy to <>.