Activity 4.2: Contour Mapping (A-Frame, Water Level)

1) Construct either an A-frame or a water level. 

The A-frame is by far the easier tool to construct. The water level is more useful for measuring through thick vegetation and more than a few feet at a time. Watch the following video to learn how:

    • How to build and use an A-frame level (~3 minutes)


    • Learn how to Make a Bunyip Water Level with Brad Lancaster (~11 minutes) 

There are, of course, many other videos out there if you want to search. 1  2

2) Mark a contour line on your design site.

After you have completed your tool, head outside and find a site for a potential swale or path. With flags or stakes mark a contour using the tool you created. Take pictures to share.

3) Complete your assignment by submitting answers to the following questions. Then please share a copy via this week's Participant Forum: Contour Mapping.

Snap a picture of your work along with a commentary that briefly answers the following questions:

    • What was your experience building the device you chose?
    • Where and why did you cite your contour line?
    • How easy or hard did you find mapping contour? Was the line where you thought it would be?
    • What potential do you envision for using this technology?