Activity 3.2 Make a plan for Spring: Composting

Activity 3.2: Build or Improve on Your Composting

Complete this activity by the listed due date or complete either Activity 3.1 or 3.3

Good composting practices are one of the basic necessities in permaculture design.

In this activity you will:

  1. On behalf of another person or organization, complete one of the following tasks: a)build, b)troubleshoot, or c)create a compost system .
  2. Document your actions in a clear and concise narrative which may include before-and-after pictures, a description of your assessment of the system and what you did to improve it. Discuss permaculture principles that influenced your observations, plans, and/or implementation.
  3. Share your narrative via the submit button below.

Here a a few resources that maybe helpful:

Winter in the north is a difficult time to do construction outdoors, although composting can go on all year long. Your instuctor does construction on the farm throughout the winter and recommends planning your work in advance, dressing warm with good gloves, and taking breaks indoors. Find a work station that is out of the wind and preferably undercover. Since it may take a bit more time to find a site to make a bin, the deadline is extended to the last day of class.