Activity 1.3 Reflective Writing: Permaculture Design Principles

Reflective Writing: Permaculture Design Principles

In this week's reading Essence of Permaculture by David Holmgren, 12 permaculture design principles are described. Which principles do you find particularly compelling? Please elaborate. How do they relate to the ideas and thoughts you currently hold about design? Any ideas you especially hope to learn more about and apply to your own design site? 

Your reflective writing will allow you to develop a thoughtful perspective. Reflection is something that you can do at home, at work, or during a stroll through your landscape. It is a very important part of developing the creative and observational components of your brain, something we expect to improve not just your design ability, but your full range of activities around creativity and the outdoor world. It will encourage you to make connections between the course and your life experience, in addition to reflecting on course content. If you wish for a guideline, typically students' reflective writing pieces are about one page in length. 

Please feel free to also express any concerns or thoughts you have about Moodle or any other aspect of the course.