Activity 0.1: Scan and Submit a Picture of your Ideal World

In this course, you will be scanning and submitting products from activities to the Moodle interface. We would like you to practice to ensure the technology is working well. There is nothing more frustrating than preparing to send your first "real" assignment, and finding that you cannot!

For this exercise, keep it simple. It is meant to be fun and for practicing scanning and submitting. It is not a critique of your art skills.

  1. On a sheet of paper draw a picture of your ideal world. Stick shapes and symbols will do, more elaborate if you choose.
  2. Using the submit button below scan and submit your ideal world picture. In the submission comments section (which you will see after you hit submit the first time) write a few clear and concise sentences clarifying details about your picture.

If you do not have a scanner you can take a picture of your piece of paper and submit it as an image. 

More details under Simple instructions for submitting your assignments.