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    Thank you for joining Inspiring Community Action | Earth Day Edition Online Family Learning project!   This is a project intended to help you and your family/friend-group look closely at your world and take action for your local environment.    

    Our hope is that families (youth and adults together) will take full part in this project – completing the three activities demonstrated here, and completing post-activity surveys and/or discussions.   Our plan is for you to have fun together, learn from one another and, inspire others to take action for the earth.  You may space the activities out to be one per week or move along faster if you wish.  No prior experience needed, just follow the directions, do the activity, and share some of your results with friends, family, and each other!

    To complete the project - please do all of the items in each of the topics (check off boxes as you do them, and you will notice the discussion boxes self-check when you do the activity requested).  Each section includes a:

      • "Discussion" -  please answer the Q and then respond to one other person <you don't have to have a long reply - okay to say something like - "cool idea" or "that has happened to me"> - it is a chance to share your ideas and get to know another family or two.
      • "Lesson + Activity" - read or watch the information that is shared, and do the activity.

    Once you complete all of the activities (be sure to log in and complete activities), you can print the certificate.  Those who have completed the activities by April 30 will be put in a random drawing for a $20 cash award to help you with your next project.

    Should you have any questions - please feel free to reach out to Celeste Carmichael, project leader - and club leader for the Millard Fillmore 4-H Club -  

  • Instructions: Clicking on the section name will show / hide the section.

  • Welcome friends! Before we get started, let's do a quick warm-up to get you to talk with each other within your family or group, and across our full project. Click on the plus sign in the pink circle to upload a picture and answer the question! Keep it simple, and have fun.

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    • community gardenYou may have heard the phrase "Earth Day, Every Day" or "Think Globally, Act Locally".    Earth Day has been celebrated annually for the last  50 + years on April 22.  It is the largest worldwide day for civic engagement...but what does that really mean?  

      In this activity, I'm inviting your family to explore what "civic engagement" or"community action" means, and I'll introduce you to the Civic Ecology Lab at Cornell University, a group of people interested in learning more about how we can each inspire others to take care of the earth.  You are also invited to look closely at the natural world around you...and notice - what is it that you care about?

    • framing trashOne way to encourage us each to commit to making personal and community changes is to first understand what is important to us.  The answer will be different for everyone.  Maybe there is something you have noticed around your house, neighborhood, or community that needs action.  

      In this activity, you will personalize your Earth Day frame(s), and then "frame" the issues of interest to you.  I've provided a short video to show you some of the local actions I've noticed that have me charged up.  These are just to give you some ideas...remember - no action is too small, and everyone's ideas will be different.  The important part is to figure out what is important to you personally or as a family.

      Add pics to our Photo gallery along the way! 

    • pic inspiring others

      Research around civic action indicates that we are more likely to take an action when our friends or family encourage us to do that.   Can you think of a time that you took part in a service project because you were invited by someone else?  

      Given what you have discovered about what is important to you, what will you do for Earth Day?   How can you encourage others to join you in an action?I  How will you share success?   As we said in Framing Our action is too small.  Maybe it is planting trees, or organizing a litter pick-up, or writing letters to local officials, or...whatever feels important to you!  Consider the ways that you can influence others - be it through your actions, an invitation to be involved, social media, sharing pictures of your success, talking to others etc.   

      Have fun with this one and don't forget to share your photos of your successes here in our Photo Gallery.